Foxerz’s Case (Fox logo) – Black

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        • UAE nation brand’s logo beaded on the upper front.
        • Fox logo beaded on the front.
        • The word Foxerz beaded below.
        • Standard size 13+ unisex bag.
        • Cap carrier case style up to 6 caps.
        • Adjustable straps.
        • Bag’s material: Neoprene, and polyester fiber.
        • Primary color: Black.
        • Product Dimensions:
          • Depth: 13 cm.
          • Width: 23 cm.
          • Height: 30 cm.
        • Material: EVA+600D
        • Logo: Embroidery as photo
        • Rubber handel
        • Metal buckle + shoulder Pad
        • Zipper change in plastic but puller in metal

Foxerz’s carrier case holder is a lightweight, durable cap travel case featuring an adjustable shoulder strap and a convenient handle. It holds the Fox logo and the UAE nation brand.


Really smoothy surface and elegant shapes. The outside material is polyester, and the inside is neoprene. It’s a crush-proof material. One short manage and just a single long detachable shoulder strap. Fashionable design with Four holes on the surface. Lightweight and waterproof surface. Keeps them dust-free and not to be concerned about them getting crimped.


When you go to travel you can put the case inside the suitcase, and it won’t take up much space. There are two ways to wear it, which can be used as a backpack or as a single-shoulder bag.


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