Fou7 Al-Oud Perfume by Foxerz

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Fou7 Al-Oud Perfume


  • Concentrated perfume with luxurious oud scent.
  • Fou7 brand by Foxers.
  • 50 ml.
  • Eau de Parfum.
  • Fragrance substance: Incense, oud, amber, and white musk.

Foxerz introduces the new Fou7 brand to you, which contains 50 ml concentrated Eau de Parfum with the luxurious scent of Oud and infused with the scent of the original oriental Oud. Fou7 Al Oud perfume is suitable for external use for both men and women. Fou7 Al Oud is a great choice to give your outfit a touch of oriental elegance. The Fou7 brand combines absolute oriental elegance with distinct modern techniques. The unique charm of Fou7 Al Oud is revealed in its fragrance and aroma that immerses you in notes that take your senses on a journey to the magical East.


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