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The Influencer "Bin Sulayem Al Ketbi" & Foxerz Caps


Foxers' Caps are a source of attraction for many famous people and influencers on social media.
Here we will present what exactly the influencer "Bin Sulayem Al Ketbi" said about Focusers' caps, which are distinctive in their shapes and types ...
At the beginning of the video, "Bin Salim Al Ketbi" appears, saying:
How is it sculpted ,,, and how is it arranged ... How is it leveled ... and how is it arranged?
The influencer appears to be a fan of the well-featured Foxers caps, which are not available in any other cape store

How To Buy Caps From Instagram?

He also says: If he wants to buy caps, he raises the screen, chooses the appropriate shape for him, and buys it online, arrives at his home comfortably / but the delivery will arrive at his door in the comfort and rawness of the caps.
Then he also warns: "Supporting people to buy caps helps him, because buying is for good purchases."
Also, this quantity of caps is a limited version only and by order, the caps are delivered to all places in the United Arab Emirates.

Also, the influence “Bin Sulayem Al Ketbi” was greatly impressed by the different cape designs, such as the Mataya cap, and the cape with different names such as Cape Dubai and Abu Dhabi Cap ..

Also cap impressed with the price there are no shipping fees.
Also influential "Bin Sulayem Al Ketbi" noted that all cables will be delivered to the door of the house for free !!

Also, the influencer person, Bin Sulayem Al-Ketbi, warned that all individuals and ages wear capes, whether large or small. Therefore, headgear is very popular.
Eagle shape design, Jeep Wrangler cap, Ghiyath cap ...
The link to Foxers ’website, phone numbers and e-mail also appears in the video .. He noted that he deals with Foxers on a permanent basis. He also works to write capabats that start with his name and his signature on each cap ..

Caps With UAE Flag

Bin Sulayem Al Ketbi also showed his great admiration for the caps on which the UAE flag is found, the cap of Sheikh bin Mohammed, and the national identity caps, and that they are very distinctive.

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