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Wearing accessories are what make you look distinctive and more attractive when it comes to being a stylish person. And by accessories, I mean men's rings, watches, hats, and sunglasses.

Accessories are what set your appearance apart from other men. I’m not saying that you have to exaggerate in wearing accessories that might end you up being like a clown.


The accessories choices nowadays are wildly varied and the costume design options are limitless. Here lies the beauty of fashion. With all the diversity around you, it's easy to combine and create the perfect and exclusive range of accessories for your look.

Of course, there is no guarantee that any sort of accessory should suit you and your style in good shape, but I assure you that accessories are definitely will make you look instantly more attractive. So, if you follow the following roles that I’m going to show you in this article, you will be a pro in accessorizing and making your style unique.

3 Essential Accessories for men



The rule of sunglasses is not limited only to protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Indeed, wearing sunglasses will make you squint less in bright sunlight, which prevents the wrinkles around your eyes from appearing due to the sun's UV radiation. In addition to that, sunglasses will definitely improve your style and appearance if being chosen wisely.

6 pro tips for choosing the right pair of sunglasses:

  1. Try to invest in a stylish pair of glasses that frames your face. 
  2. Focus on sunglasses' size and fit rather than face shape.
  3. Start with a classic pair of neutral color sunglasses If you are new to wearing it.
  4. If you are already used to wearing sunglasses, try brighter colors, and monkey with different substances such as mirror lenses.
  5. And If you are uncertain that no glasses suit you, then be sure that you are mistaken, you just didn't found the right pair for you yet.
  6. Finally, choose sunglasses that you are comfortable with and fit your style.



In terms of fashion, a high-quality wristwatch is an essential accessory that makes you more charming spontaneously. In addition of being a basic function is to tell time, watches can do much more than that if you want to display a sense of style.

7 benefits of wearing wristwatches:

  1. Watches are a form of self-expression that reflects your lifestyle.
  2. It can tell a lot about your style personality.
  3. Wearing a watch can add much more interest to your outfit.
  4. From a variety of styles and designs of wristwatches, you will defiantly find a timepiece to your liking.
  5. Watches will rock you regardless of your style.
  6. A watch is a classier way to keep an eye on the time during a date or a meeting.
  7. Finally, It will keep you undistracted by your phone.


Back in the days, it seemed that all men have to wear a hat, period. Back then, It was part of a man's everyday style. Although hats may have lost its appeal over time, it hasn't necessarily lost its style.

The right hat can add a lot to your outfit when worn for stylish purposes, it can complete a head-to-toe look, and there is a great variety of hat's types to choose from.

Finding the right hat can tie together a complete look. But as goes for other accessories, choosing the wrong hat can make you look ridiculous.

So, let's talk about our specialty, the caps.

Baseball Cap:

The most important rule in caps fashion is to wear the one that fits well. Also known as the dad's hat, wearing a cap with your modern clothes can express your appearance positively. Nowadays, everyone is sprucing up with the baseball cap as his daily fashion.

At Foxerz Fashions, we provide distinguished casual caps that suits everyone. We do that through creative trendy designs that meet all ages and genders' taste with very high quality and sustainable measures.

If you looking for a suitable cap for you or trying to design your own cap, check out our custom cap here, Or visit our webstore at:

The rules of wearing a cap:
  1. A Trucker-style cap is a great option for laid-back fashion.
  2. Wear it with something equally as modern clothes.
  3. Avoid wearing it with more dated clothing.
  4. Keep your look consistently laid back with a trainer.
  5. Caps will keep the sun out of your eyes, your hair neat on a windy day, and your head dries on a rainy day.
  6. Confidence is key when pulling off a cap.
  7. Know when it's inappropriate and appropriate to wear a cap.
  8. Lastly, Look after your hats, especially when storing them. The better looked after, the longer they last.


The secret sauce to a good looking guy is his wisely selected accessories to his clothing style.

The best part of a good outfit is often the outfit itself, but proper accessories, worn correctly, can turn an all-black cloth into a great looking costume.

And remember, too much could sometimes is a bad thing. So, moderation and subtlety are the keys to completing a well-put-together look.

Next up, we will discuss the 5 rules for choosing accessories and how to combine them together.

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