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Wearing accessories are what make you look distinctive and more attractive when it comes to being a stylish person. In part one, We’ve talked about 3 men’s accessories to set your appearance apart from other men and how it makes you look more attractive.

In this one, we’re going to give you the 5 golden rules of accessorizing and how to choose the right accessories for you.

Indeed, accessories are definitely a convenient and handy way which makes you look instantly more attractive. Yet, there is no guarantee that any sort of accessory —whatsoever should suit you and your style in good shape.


Consequently, you don’t have to exaggerate in wearing accessories or take your looking-glass self for granted. After all, a person's self grows out of society's interpersonal interactions and the perceptions of others. thus, overdo may ruin your appearance completely, or you could be risking your image being stuck with this reflection for good.

Nevertheless, you don't have to worry about that anymore, for we represent the 5 rules of accessorizing that you need to comprehend whenever you are willing to stand out among others by styling your outfit's appearance with accessories.

5 Rules for Accessorizing Men Outfit

1- Simplicity


Less is more. We all hear this saying, first popularized by minimalist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe who was behind the architecture of the famous Farnsworth house.

As a consequence, his vision had inspired many creative minds to follow this philosophy, and the minimalist movement has spread out to find its way through all fields and across all life’s aspects, to eventually reach the fashion industry.

In fact, the movement of minimalism in fashion was growing rapidly over the years. And there are very good reasons for that…

  1. Due to financial convenience.
  2. Sustainability and the preservation of nature.
  3. Awareness that life is more than just consuming things.
  4. It takes less time to put and it's frill-free.
  5. And simply it looks amazing.

Take the traditional UAE men’s clothing for example, actually, the Emirati men's fashion is minimalism by its definition. Just imagine a man in a white Kandura (Thawb) with a Gutra (Shemaghs) or just wearing a cap. How simple yet elegance is that?


The Sheer elegance of this clothing in its simplicity makes you feel more comfortable, and enough confident, and the fewer accessories possible, the more great looking it gives, which in this case... less is way more.

Less is more. Progress is made through precise, persistent, and purposeful pushes.” Scott Perry

2- Combining accessories with culture outfits

Accessories must not only be matched with each other but also with the outfit you are wearing. Choose an appurtenance that fits your personal style and culture.

There are two ways to go with accessories: you can use them to complement the style of your outfit or to completely change an otherwise non-style-specific piece. If you wear accessories with lots of threads, tone down the overall effect with neutral-colored clothing.

Let's back to the traditional UAE men’s clothing.

Since males in the UAE nowadays are inclined towards more western headgear especially the baseball hat, or as some call it just cap, accordingly, try to accessorize your Kandura with a cap you see fit alongside sunglasses and a pair of sneakers. a perfect combination.

3- Appropriateness


One of the most controversial debates in fashion is that if you can wear the same accessories for every occasion? Probably not the best decision. Your look has to be appropriate for the right time and the right place.

For instance, simple and discreet accessories that go best for Emirati's traditional clothing is an elegant Gutra with neat sunglasses.


If you want to wear something more exquisite, like a cool cap, nice watch, or a ring with a precious stone, save it for an upcoming festive event,

or for the next camping trip.


But remember rule number one, that numerous extravagant jewelry and accessory pieces, which are worn at the same time, always look flashily.

4- Color matching

As we've mentioned before that If you wear accessories with lots of threads, try to tone down the overall effect with neutral-colored outfits.

Today, the combination of colors is not something out of the ordinary. You can mix and match it, but be very careful. If you have doubts, choose only one color.

If you are into black outfits, for instance, try to add different types of texture and fabric if possible. It will distinguish each piece of clothing and mask your look way cooler than you think.

Blending Some primary colors wisely together mainly can look appropriate for any occasion. Neutral colors, on the other hand, attracts a lot of attention and usually looks best during evenings or special events. The only exception is the cultural event customs, which depend on the societal lifestyle that can be any color and even different from all the other accessories.

Although the color theory is a body of practical guidance to color mixing and the visual effects of a specific color combination, yet, you don't have to be afraid to mix your own colors, maybe you are the next Picasso.

5- Know your limits

Accessories, just like clothes,  look best when they fit their owner and should be chosen according to the individual size and societal acceptance. Be sure to consider this element of common sense when choosing an accessory.

A second way to avoid over-accessorizing is to know when enough is enough. Just because you own several accessories, it doesn’t mean you should wear everything together.

So what are the limits? Well, it's actually up to you. Overall, just remember that too much could sometimes be a bad thing. So, moderation and subtlety are the keys to completing a well-put-together look.

Try to not wear more than three accessories -Cap, Sunglasses, Watch, Ring, and all that stuff at the same time.

However, there are always some exceptions to the limits, you can look stunning by exaggeration in accessorizing only if you know how to break this rule.


So to sum up the rules for accessorizing...

  1. Simplicity is the key.
  2. Combine accessories with culture clothing.
  3. Appropriateness.
  4. Color match matters.
  5. Know your limits.

They say rules are made to be broken. Innovation and thinking outside the box are how you break style convention, do it with confidence and a smile on your face. Not only may you look amazing, but you might also set a new trendy fashion style.

But it’s better to have one accessory that pops out well than 3 of them that divide the attention, which vanquishes the purpose of accessories in the first place.

So, remember that the point in accessorizing is to showcase your style. If you over-accessorize, you kind of make your items outshine each other and it becomes noisy.

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